Guide to wear Alpaca clothing: benefits and tips

GUIDE TO WEAR ALPACA CLOTHING: BENEFITS AND TIPS If you like natural products and value craftmade products, we recommend that you include in your closet clothes and accessories made from alpaca fiber. Compared with other yarns and fabrics on the market, the alpaca has many advantages and qualities we will tel you. It is pleasant to the touch, fine, silky, comfortable … And best of all, for processing no chemicals are used that attack your body and the environment. Here is a comprehensive guide to the alpaca, one of the most appreciated fibers in the world. Alpaca guide: 6 reasons that will make you love her To delve into the wonderful world of alpaca, should start at the beginning: to know what exactly and where...

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Alpaca wool - Where does it come from and is it ecological?

Ingrained into the very culture of the Andes is the Alpaca. The animal itself signifies something more to the local people, and even today, the production and sale of Alpaca wool supports their livelihoods. We’re going to look at the production process of Alpaca wool and the region it comes from. We’re from Peru, so we already know a lot about it, and over our years in the industry we spoken to many of the locals, giving us great insight on the farming and production of Alpaca wool. We like to share, so in this post we’ll give you an idea of how Alpaca wool is processed, and really, whether is it a sustainable and ecological product. The ancestry and...

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10 reasons why Alpaca wool is better than Cashmere wool (and more ecological)

Alpaca wool is the new luxury fibre sweeping the fashion scene across the world, it is soft, warm, trendy and ecological. In this post, we'll tell you why it's an even better material than Cashmere! Alpaca aren't killed for their wool As Alpaca and Vicuña are essentially sheep and not goats, the Alpaca are sheared yearly. The thicker outer fleece from older animals is used in products such as carpets and rugs, while the very fine under-fleece is sold on and used in clothing, spun into yarns and sold on to manufacturers. The local population benefits from the sale of the wool, and the fur used only comes from Alpaca that die of natural causes. Cashmere is more expensive Since...

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A guide to buying Alpaca clothing in the UK

There is nothing quite as cuddly and comforting as an Alpaca hat, or a pair of Alpaca wool socks to keep your tootsies warm in the wintertime. Alpaca clothing in the UK is becoming more fashionable year on year, but just like cashmere, you should be aware of what the labels mean and where the wool comes from. At BeALPACA we’re always looking out for our providers in Peru and our customers in the UK. So here we’ll give you a guide on what to look out for when you buy Alpaca clothing: what to look for on the labels. how you can best help the industry stay healthy. help the local Alpaca breeders to keep their industry sustainable. and...

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Alpaca fur hats from Be ALPACA - The finest Alpaca fur hats to keep you warm in wintertime

There is something special about Alpaca wool: It is soft, cosy and warm. It is oh-so sumptuous to the touch and there is nothing more stylish than an Alpaca fur hat to keep you toasty. Let us tell you a little more about why Alpaca fur hats are the best choice to keep you warm in winter. Alpaca fur is as soft as Cashmere To stay warm in the cold Andes mountains of Peru, Alpaca have developed a fur that is like no other. It is less than 0.20 microns (which is 2 hundredths of a millimetre) thick. To the touch it is like a cloud, and the warmth it gives off is spectacular. Cashmere is, as we all know,...

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