We sell products with soul, produced for people who value unique, different, handmade, small-scale, long-lasting quality products that respect the environment.

We want to make known the Alpaca, we want to make known the value of craftsmanship, we want to make known Peru.

Use quality products, use Alpaca wool.

Produced in Peru, in the rural areas of Huancavelica, Cuzco, Cajamarca and Piura many of our products are handmade.

The people from these areas are humble and hard-working. By buying their products through Be ALPACA you are supporting the economic and social development of their communities.

Among the handmade products that we work include the looms of Cajamarca .

Bolsos étnicos - Be ALPACA

Since Inca times, the artisans of Cajamarca, a region in northern Peru, have been recognized for their skills in weaving sheep's wool using the treadle loom, backstrap loom, crochet and sticks. With Cajamarca looms we make our bags and cushions. These looms are woven by Nestor in his village near the city of Bambamarca (in the region of Cajamarca at 2,532 meters above sea level). The road that connects Bambamarca to the city of Cajamarca is in very bad condition so it takes Nestor many hours to get to Cajamarca from where he sends us the weavings to Lima. Nestor is a humble and hardworking person, at Be ALPACA we are grateful to him and his wonderful work.
With Nestor's fabric, our artisan Patricia makes the bags in Lima. As each fabric is different Patricia has to make the bags one by one, each one is a different size so it is impossible to apply the same mould to all of them.
It is really a wonderful job that Nestor and Patricia do so that we can enjoy these bags.

Chales  de alpaca - Be ALPACA

Other products we loom are our ponchos and scarves in Alpaca Bouclé.

Alpaca Bouclé is a lovely, soft effect wool spun from alpaca. "Bouclé" is French for "loop" and refers to the number of small loops of pure alpaca that give each ball its characteristic appearance.

The shawls, ponchitos and scarves are woven by Edmundo in the district of Yauli in the region of Huancavelica, one of the poorest areas of Peru at an altitude of 3,676 meters. With a poverty rate of 84.4% and 59.9% of extreme poverty. This region of Peru also has a high rate of malnutrition. 14% of the population has no water, 39% has no sewage and 8% has no electricity. Edmundo and his son make the loom with great care and love while his wife,  finishes the crochet.

Another of our star products are our sweaters knitted by hand by Mr. Quispe.

Mr. Quispe is an expert craftsman, in his workshop he has 3 manual knitting machines. It is incredible how he makes the sweaters and the skill he has! His wife is in charge of the finishing touches.

They have 3 girls of school age.
Mr. Quispe is a hard worker who wants to help his family.


Every day in Be ALPACA we want to have more handmade products, little by little we will have more of them and we will tell you their history. We hope you like them.

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