Regalo original de invierno, un gorro ruso de piel de alpaca de Be ALPACA - Be ALPACA

Original winter gift, a Russian alpaca fur hat from Be ALPACA

Meet an original winter gift, a Russian alpaca fur hat from Be ALPACA.

There is nothing more elegant than an alpaca fur hat to keep you warm during the winter. Its soft and fluffy touch makes having an alpaca hat a luxurious accessory for winter.

Let us tell you a little more about why alpaca fur hats are the best option to keep you warm in winter.

To stay warm in the cold Andes mountains of Peru, alpacas have developed a fur that is unlike any other. It is less than 0.20 microns (which is two hundredths of a millimeter) thick, it feels like a cloud to the touch and the heat it gives off is spectacular.

Alpaca fur hats are a great winter gift.

For weddings, baptisms and especially for Christmas, an alpaca fur hat will be appreciated by any woman. Alpaca fur is so beautiful to wear and touch that it feels like a warm hug.

Alpaca fur hats are versatile. The style of an alpaca fur hat goes with just about anything. They are the perfect accessory to match your elegant winter coat or your casual dresses.

Alpaca fur hats are ecological, only the fur of those alpacas that die of natural causes due to the cold winter of the Andes is used. Alpaca herders never sacrifice their animals for their fur, it is not profitable, alpacas produce wool throughout their lives (approx. 20 years) and wool shearing is the livelihood of alpaca herders.

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