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Russian purple alpaca fur hat

Russian purple alpaca fur hat

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Luxurious purple alpaca fur hat, perfect for a winter wedding, to go skiing or to go outside in a cold winter.

Its touch is very soft and fluffy and it is one size fits all.

It is handcrafted in a small workshop in Lima. It is a natural and ecological product.

Note: The fur we use for its manufacture comes from alpacas that die of natural causes in the Andes.

Made in Peru, country of the Alpaca.


100% natural alpaca hair. Note: Please note that being a natural product, the color and texture of the fur will vary from product to product. The fur we use for its manufacture comes from alpacas that die of natural causes in the Andes. The alpaca roams freely in the Andes, where temperatures can be very low. Be ALPACA fur sources are from alpacas that have died of natural causes. Farmers do not kill their alpacas for their fur because it is not economically viable for them to do so. Alpacas can live for 20 years, which promises a much higher shearing value than selling a single skin.


One size only

Care Instructions

For all of our alpaca fur items, we recommend that you use a wire pet brush to restore the fur. Sweat and everyday dirt wash away with a good brushing and you'll be impressed with how easily your coat is restored. Avoid using perfume or hairspray if it may come into contact with the alpaca's fur, as the alcohol or chemical content can dry out the skin. Oils can also soak into the coat and become rancid. For deeper cleaning or when liquids have been spilled on the coat, cover with talcum powder and rub gently but thoroughly. Leave on for an hour or two and then brush off the excess. This will remove debris and dirt from the hair shaft and restore fluffiness to the coat. For items like our fur rugs and cushions, you may prefer to have your fur/fleece product professionally cleaned by a furrier or fur cleaning specialist. Alpacas are not killed for their fur. The fur is mainly from baby alpacas, which have died of natural causes, as weaker animals often die in the harsh Andean winter. Alpacas can live for 20 years, which promises a potential shearing life of much greater value than a single pelt.

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