What do we sell at Be ALPACA?

We sell products with soul, produced for people who value unique, different, handmade and small-scale things; quality, durable and environmentally friendly products.

All our products are made in Peru, in small artisan workshops.

We are a brand with a strong sustainable and social value.

If you have a store and are interested in our alpaca wool products, join the FAIRE wholesale platform or write to us at patricia@bealpaca.com

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Be ALPACA: tienda y ropa de alpaca

Origin of the wool and alpaca fur of our products

The alpaca wool, or fiber as it is correctly called, that we use in our products of high quality and is manufactured by one of the main producers of Peruvian alpaca yarn. They obtain the fiber from the shearing of the alpaca, in the same way as the shearing of sheep. No alpaca is harmed during the process.

The alpaca fur used in Be ALPACA products is ethically sourced. The Alpaca is not intentionally killed to acquire its fur. Be ALPACA uses alpacas that have died of natural causes due to the cold winter of the Peruvian Andes. The alpaca roams freely in the Altiplano of the Andes, where temperatures can drop dramatically, resulting in young alpacas dying. Alpaca herders do not slaughter their alpacas to remove their skins, it is not economically viable, an alpaca lives for approximately 20 years, so it is more profitable to live from its shearing during those years than to sell its skin.

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