Poncho is the new black
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Poncho is the new Black for women and would be for men…The poncho, was born as basic male clothing.

When it comes to the latest men fashion trends, brands have a renewed affection for the poncho. Offering a unique experience for its wearer, the poncho can be layered and draped in endless ways.

Embracing graphic prints, fringe and oversize proportions, labels ranging from Marc Jacobs to Y-3 would captivate next season with designer takes on the poncho.

The feminization of men’s fashion that began earlier 2015, especially sparked by Gucci and its silky blouses during the fall/winter 2015 fashion shows last January, continues. If last year ponchos were the ‘must-have’ pieces for women, now it seems to be also the boys’ turn.

Ponchos are warmer than coats because they trap heat by keeping the arms close to the body. Poncho is popular simply because it’s so easy to wear. It goes with everything. One size fits all. It’s never too tight.

The Peruvian textile tradition, it is probably the oldest in the world. Thousands of years of history surprise us.

Peru is a country that weaves its history and Peruvian  chronicles are influenced by Alpaca fiber.

The Poncho is Peruvian traditional heritage, is the typical dress of Peru. It is a simple design coat. A rectangular piece of thick fabric  with a cut in the center practiced for the head. The cloth is dropped onto the body, having the ends so that the arms move freely allowed.

It is believed that the etymological source of the word Poncho comes from the Quechua word Punchu.  But before the Incas, the ponchos existed. The poncho contains in its plot the secret history of the peoples of Peru.

The poncho appears, at least 1000 years before Christ, in Paracas and was used as an offering for the burials. The different pre-Columbian cultures, gave particularim portance to the clothes that should accompany you to the afterlife. For those cultures the clothes are made to last beyond death. Were tailored in Alpaca fiber because it would be the only fiber that should come against eternity.

The Peruvian poncho as we know it today, comes from the early XVII century is supposedly a variation of the Unku, a variety of vest with central opening, which would have become a tunic.

The poncho is not a trend, not a passing crush that came to be about three or four seasons present in the big brands that decide the march of fashion. The poncho takes thousands of years still fashionable and being a basic garment. The XXI century will be the century of the globalization of peruvian ponchos.

Have you got your Be ALPACA poncho? ….

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