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My name is PaKa, the peruvian alpaca.

I guess you’ll be surprised to read my story, but I want to tell you briefly how I am, what I like and where you can find me …

I’m as smart as a dog and very affectionate . Genetically I have much more to do with the Vicuña than with the Llama.

For thousands of years I have been a domesticated animal

I am an excellent pet. We have a very friendly temperament, we are also fast learners; I can easily learn to walk with bow and I´m so docile that even a child can handle me.

I’m not wild, I do not bite as my cousins, the llamas, do.

I have an excellent memory, we can learn our names and we answer to its call.

I am cheerful, intelligent, tender and very sociable. I love to be accompanied by my friends .The kids use to have so much fun with me. I am also very brave, I do not hesitate to attack foxes and wild dogs. In many places, my sisters are used as guards for sheep.

If you want to know me, you could find me in the mountains of the Peruvian Andes.

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