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Rumors. Since the discovery of the New World the spanish heard stories about a place, a very wealthy reign, hidden, called “El Dorado”, they believed that El Dorado was full of treasures. Rumors gave way to the legend.

The myth of a fabulous city where the streets and buildings were paved with gold. A place decorated with precious metals and where these minerals so abundant that its inhabitants were not given the slightest importance.

The Spanish conquerors hoped to find El Dorado in Peru. When they entered victorious in Cuzco, they were amazed at the brightness off some buildings. The soldiers were convinced they had found the place full of treasures mentioned by the sailors of the world. There wasn’t any port where you could not hear about stories of El Dorado, there was no sailor that had not dreamed of being able to reach the site of hidden riches.

At first, the conquerors acted with prudence as knowing to be few soldiers in a world that was hostile and that was far superior to them in number. But the glow of golden metal made them eventually blinded nervous about running back and forth filling their saddlebags. For days they plundered the city, detached the sheets that covered the Sun Temple in keeping their bags as much as possible all metal and silver statues adorned with semiprecious stones in their path they took.

While focusing attention on metals, they despised what was perhaps the largest Inca treasure: the rare and luxurious alpaca fiber fabrics.

The Incas, decided to take away from Cuzco herds of alpacas, away from the greedy hands of foreigners. The best stallions were sent to the most remote mountains, the most hidden valleys, as far as possible of the conquerors. Alpacas caravans left the capital of the Inca Empire to prevent foreign soldiers put their hands on them. The Incas did their best so that the legacy of the alpacas were not discovered or used by the spanish conquerors.

The Incas when they saw their alpacas were massacred by the conquerors, acted quickly and did everything in their power so that the ancestral legacy of alpaca wool should endure to this day.

In the Inca civilization, alpaca wool was called  “the fiber of the Gods” and was regarded as a treasure to be protected from the conquerors. That treasure was used in the mid-twentieth century by NASA who used the alpaca fiber resistant to wear astronauts at the beginning of the conquest of space.

The Alpaca of Peru. Be Alpaca. Be Peru

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