My name is Patricia Argüelles, I am Peruvian, I have a degree in Business Administration from the University of Lima and a diploma in Architecture from the Ricardo Palma University in Lima.

I have been living in Spain since 1999. I came to Madrid to do an MBA at the Instituto de Empresa and after finishing it I stayed in Spain.

Since 2001 I have dedicated myself to the world of fashion, first with jewellery, then with clothes and finally with Be ALPACA.

Be ALPACA is a brand that wants to make known to the world the alpaca and the best Peruvian handmade products.

Peru has three high quality products, alpaca, vicuña and Pima cotton, and it also has artisans who create exceptional products and Be ALPACA wants to make them known.

If you have any ideas or suggestions please contact me at patricia@bealpaca.com

If you have a shop and you like our products please contact us at patricia@bealpaca.com we will be happy to help you.