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  We want to make Alpaca wool the star, we want to shout from the rooftops the value of the handcrafted wool, we want to bring you Peru. 

Wear quality, wear Alpaca.

 Produced in Peru, in the rural zones of Huancavelica, Cuzco, Cajamarca and Piura, most of our products are handcrafted and handmade.

The inhabitants of these zones are humble and hard-working people. Buying their products through Be ALPACA you are supporting the economic and social development of their communities in the mountains of Peru.

Be ALPACA handmadeBetween all of the handcrafted products that we design and make, the wool looms of Cajamarca stand out. Since the times of the Inca, the craftsmen of the Cajamarca, region to the north of Peru, have been recognized for their skills in working sheep’s wool using only manual looms with a pedal (calloa), the crochet, and thin wooden needles for the fine details.

With looms from Cajamarca we make our purses and cushions.

Nestor weaves these looms in his town near to Bambamarca’s city (in Cajamarca’s region) 2,532 metres above sea level. The road that joins Bambamarca to the city of Cajamarca is in very bad condition, and because of that Nestor wastes many hours in coming to Cajamarca from where he sends the fabrics to Lima, the capital.

Nestor is a humble and hard-working person, at Be ALPACA we are grateful to him and to his wonderful work.

With the fabric of Nestor, our artisan, María then makes and finishes the purses in Lima. Every fabric is different and María has to make the purses one by one. It is reallyis the most wonderful thing to see Nestor and María doing what they do, with the results being these authentic purses.

Other products that we manufacture on the loom are our shawls, ponchos and scarves made in Alpaca Bouclé. Alpaca Bouclé is an adorable wool, with a soft effect spun in alpaca. “Bouclé” is the word in French for “curl” and it is this that gives the wool its defining character.

alpaca buclé, bealpaca, www.bealpaca.com

be alpaca handmade bagEdmundo weaves the shawls, ponchos and scarves in the Yauli district of Huancavélica, one of the poorest zones in Peru, and the air is thin at 3676 metres above sea level. With a rate of poverty of 84,4 % and of 59,9 % of extreme poverty. This region of Peru possesses also a high rate of malnutrition. 14 % of the population lacks water service, 39 % lacks outlet and 8 % does not have electricity.  Edmundo and his son work with great tidiness and fondness for the wool, while his wife, Fortunita, finishes the garments. Fortunita possesses prodigious hands working with a sewing hook. All the women of the highlands of Peru weave using both small sticks and crochet in an incomparable way.

Every day at Be ALPACA we want to develop more handcrafted products, little by little, and step by step, as we get to know more of the people of the Peruvian mountains, we are going to help them bring their beautiful products to you.

We hope you like them


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