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Chuspas (which is  the Quechua word for bag) is a pouch that was used to carry Coca and Cocoa leaves, used primarily in the Andean region of  Peru. The Chuspas are ritual bags containers of coca leaves.

The Chuspas are loom woven bags  that in the past usually contained coca leaves and other herbs. Women used to use them cross on the body or over the shoulder or around the neck .

During the Tiwanaku influence ranges predominant colors are blue, green and ocher; at the time of Regional Development, the main colors are burgundy, shades of dark red and natural white. Finally at the time of the influence Inka colors used are geared to orange, yellow and red tones, along with natural colors.

Both Textiles and Coca are very important to the people in Andean region. These Chuspas are a vital piece of culture and are especially important to combat the bitter cold in the mountainous zones of the Andes. These bags are also a way to showcase the cloth which in itself is a primary artistic medium.

Highland textiles are traditionally woven from the hair of Alpacas. These pouches are important symbols of social identity. As part of this tradition, the women of the Andes that wove the Chuspas could show to the rest of their people how skilled they are in weaving.

Lots of women can express their artistic skills and display their cultural affiliation by creating these Chuspas.

Help us to show everyone the work of those women.!!!

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