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Alpaca fur hats from Be ALPACA - The finest Alpaca fur hats to keep you warm in wintertime

There is something special about Alpaca wool: It is soft, cosy and warm. It is oh-so sumptuous to the touch and there is nothing more stylish than an Alpaca fur hat to keep you toasty. Let us tell you a little more about why Alpaca fur hats are the best choice to keep you warm in winter.

Alpaca fur is as soft as Cashmere

To stay warm in the cold Andes mountains of Peru, Alpaca have developed a fur that is like no other. It is less than 0.20 microns (which is 2 hundredths of a millimetre) thick. To the touch it is like a cloud, and the warmth it gives off is spectacular. Cashmere is, as we all know, incredibly soft and comfortable, but Alpaca is every bit as snug and stylish. You have to try it to believe it!

You get so much more for your money

Peruvian Alpaca fur is growing as an industry year on year, and it is Peru biggest export. But it still isn’t at the level of export Cashmere, so the prices are still lower, meaning the deals you can get on the most stylish designer-wear in Alpaca are really attractive, just like the hats!

They make the perfect gift for your loved ones

Alpaca fur hats make a great wintertime present. Keeping your family and friends toasty and warm is the perfect way to say thank you. For weddings, christenings, and especially for Christmas, an Alpaca fur hat is going to be appreciated by anyone you buy for. Alpaca fur is beautiful to wear and to touch that it feels like a really big warm hug, and what more could you want to say with your gifts?

Alpaca fur hats are versatile

The style of a fur hat goes with pretty much anything. They are the perfect accessory to go with your sleek winter overcoat, and you can throw them on to out in your casual dresses too. If you are heading out for lunch, or to the shops and you want to keep warm with no-fuss, an Alpaca fur hat is the perfect choice. They are comfortable to wear as the skin is soft, and the plush fibres make them pretty much the warmest material money can buy.

Alpaca fur hats are ecological

Alpaca fur hats are made from the skin of the alpaca, but the Alpaca are not slaughtered for their skin, Kate Middleton’s famous Alpaca hat was made from ethical Alpaca fur and we make sure our fur is sourced in the same way, using only animals that die from natural causes. Alpaca produce a lot of wool, which is used throughout their lives and supports the local Alpaca breeders in Peru. The Andes mountains are very, very cold, and this means that many Alpaca do not survive the harsh conditions. Due to the high number of animals that die from the cold weather, there is no need to slaughter the animals; they die of natural causes and it is then that the local people use their skin to make Alpaca fur hats.

Alpaca do little damage to the environment

Unlike Cashmere goats, Alpaca do not have hooves. Their feet are soft, so they do not break up the grazing grounds, they are easy to look after, and it is for these reasons that they have supported Peruvian communities for centuries. Alpaca fur hats have been worn by the locals for many, many generations. The animals are not penned and are free to range as they wish on the pastures.

They come in many natural colours

Alpaca fur hats come in many different colours, the Alpaca breeds themselves are coloured in up to 50 different shades of grey, black, and brown, so you can find the perfect match to your outfits without having to rely on synthetic dyes.

Our Alpaca fur hats are 100% authentic, Peruvian, and handmade

Being from Peru, we know a thing or two about getting hold of the best Alpaca fur. We speak directly with local tradespeople to make sure that the fur is naturally sourced. Our products are handmade, they are super-stylish, and you know that your purchase is going on to help the local people in Peru to support themselves and their communities. As more and more communities are beginning to make their living from the sale of Alpaca fur, there is greater emphasis on sustainability and fair trade. At BeALPACA we are 100% behind the charities that are offering business and legal advice to local communities.

We want the best for our people, and we want the best for you.

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