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We love hadmade, we love alpaca wool and ethical fashion

Be ALPACA is a Peruvian-Spanish brand created in 2015. Its purpose is to showcase the value of alpaca wool as well as Peruvian handmade products. Our products are made in small workshops and produced on a small scale. They are unique and sustainable.

With our products, we invite you to discover the beauty of alpaca clothing and accessories. Leave the cashmere behind and try alpaca wool instead.

Ethically made, super soft, hypoallergenic, and lightly warm, alpaca is extremely durable. Our products are made in small artisanal workshops; they are produced on a small scale. They are unique and sustainable.

Peru has a rich and varied craftsmanship and high-quality products such as alpaca fiber, vicuña wool, pima cotton, and sheep wool. With these products and centuries-old techniques that have remained unchanged for centuries, Peruvian artisans create authentic works of art. Through the sale of our products, we want to help the economic and social development of our artisans.

Our collections are sold in boutiques in Spain, Europe, Peru, the United States, and elsewhere. Be ALPACA has dressed customers from all over the world in luxurious alpaca scarves and shawls, knit sweaters and jackets, comfortable hats, and gloves.

Learn about our values Our raw materials:

Our alpaca yarn is made in Peru by a long-established company that ethically sources alpaca fiber and has an active social responsibility program that invests profits in Peru's poorest communities. Our alpaca skins are obtained from the waste of Peruvian harsh winters. Alpacas are not sacrificed for their skin. It is not economically viable for alpaca herders to do this; the skins are small and of little value compared to the wool that can be sheared throughout their life and turned into yarn. Alpacas can live for over 20 years, and their shearing potential is much greater than the value of a single skin.

Traditional craftsmanship:

Each of our alpaca products is hand-finished in our artisanal workshops in Peru, following traditions that date back centuries. Alpaca wool was once prized by Incan aristocrats for its softness, durability, and insulating properties. Our artisans are small family businesses. Our small batch production ensures minimal waste, attention to detail, and consistent quality.

Sustainable design:

Our designs go beyond seasonal trends. We are a "slow fashion" brand focused on product longevity and sustainable practices. Almost everything we do is 100% natural. Alpacas come in 22 recognized shades, from black, gray, brown to cream and white, without the need for dyes. The dyes we use are Azo-free. Alpacas are known to have a minimal impact on the environment. They tread lightly with soft, padded feet, produce more wool than sheep, and have efficient grazing habits. Raising alpacas also does not require harsh chemicals.

Well-established and trusted Spanish and Peruvian brand:

We have been loyal to the alpacas and artisans we work with since 2015 and have regular customers around the world. We have remained true to our original values and are still a small family business. Follow us on Instagram @bealpaca

We do not sell on Amazon.

Women-owned and managed:

Founded by Patricia, the business is run almost entirely by women.

Personalized customer service:

We are a small, private business, and customers are our priority.


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